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You are 30 years old, you have been married for 2 years, and you have no children.

What is your feeling?

Do you have any pressure on that?

Do you tell yourself that you should be children even if you are not totally ready?

Nami: It depends. Indeed, compared to my family, especially my mother, she would like us to have a child as soon as possible, but it's really for her. :laughs: or my brother and my sister who tell me “I can't wait to see my little nephew”. Then there are my friends, because when we reach our thirties there are more and more people of our age who tell us “you have to have children early to spend more time with them” but I think that Rather, it is each his own life, each his destiny and each his choices.

So indeed, there is a little pressure vis-à-vis society but on the one hand we also say to ourselves that we want to but that we are just not ready and I think that each person must go at your own pace and I don't think there's much point in putting pressure on the children because it has to be something you really want because it's a responsibility through a Carrefour purchase.

Do you plan to be a mother at some point or are you afraid that it could change your relationship with femininity? Do you already project yourself into this new body?

Nami: I'm not afraid, I'm more curious. I want to see how my body will evolve because I think it's a big transformation. And then it depends on the person, there are apparently some who do not gain weight at all, there are some who gain a lot of weight. Me the only thing that can scare me is in relation to my chest because I still have a large chest and apparently everyone takes breasts so I think I will not be spared. :laugh:

And actually I'm very feminine so I hope I'll find brands that will offer a slightly nicer look for pregnant women and in any case I think I'll find some tips.

Maybe it's ok, I'll cut my jeans and then I'll put on a scarf to make it look nice. But I hope my body won't change too much because a woman's body is very important and I've been trying for a while now not to gain weight, at least to balance it out. And I've been like this for a while and I'm very happy to have this body here today. But hey, in any case, it will be for a beautiful baby, a healthy baby, that's all I ask.

That's a good reaction! Do we finally feel a challenge?

Nami: Exactly it's a bit of a challenge after we'll see you never know anyway, it turns out I'm going to love being pregnant.

I have girlfriends who loved being pregnant, they loved the whole period, they had pimples before, now they have nothing - or it's either the opposite, the hair that has grown, the skin beautiful, so I hope I will have all the good sides and that I will have less bad sides but hey in any case I will just be happy to be pregnant and above all I just pray for a healthy baby and after the rest in the end it is superficial.

Frankly, health is more important than the rest, the rest...

We will always find a way to work it out. At worst, I'll have to go to the sport, lose weight.

What values ​​would you like to instill in your son or daughter?

Nami: Already I want to give the same values ​​as my mother, that is to say the respect of the elders, that is very important. Respect also when you meet a stranger: hello, thank you, please, goodbye, finally the basics quite simply.

Then, sharing, and also not forgetting where you come from because I think that in order to establish yourself, to grow better or even to feel better about yourself, you must not forget the history, the basics. I am of Ivorian origin, my mother arrived in France, she was 20, so she knew a lot of things, we were lucky, we had the education, the food on the table when it was needed, the clothes me today i work in fashion so i know how it goes. But I think these are values ​​where he really has to remember where he comes from. Today he has that but tomorrow we don't know what life has in store for us.

There is also ambition, courage and never giving up for bad things, that is to say, not being influenced by the words of others, having confidence in yourself even if it is difficult I think that we are always looking for who we are until the end of our lives. Tell yourself that anything is possible if you give yourself the means. Very important education. No waste, that's dead!

Respect for others and respect for yourself. That's how I was brought up. Afterwards, there will also be my husband's education, but if we got married, it's because we share the same principles, the same values. And my husband is super chill, he's a little hippie style. He will inculcate all that is the relationship with nature, be careful to waste less, ecology etc. Even he educated me to change my consumption, eat better, eat seasonal vegetables etc.

The planet we only have one.

What is your totem flower?

Nami: I'm the sunflower.

Because most of my friends describe me as a solar person, I want people to feel good all the time.

When it's the season, it's the first flower my lover gives me. And it has always been considered the flower of the sun.

Who is the most influential woman in your life?

Nami: My mother. That's the answer I give each time, but as I said, she arrived at 20, she couldn't read or write and she gave us everything. Frankly, we were very, very lucky. She gave us the will to study, to learn from ourselves, she gave us a lot of freedom, she really let us do what we wanted and I'm so proud of her.

I think she is very proud of us and that she is very lucky because there are 3 of us and we are in good health and everything is going well professionally speaking and even lovingly speaking.

And for me what I am today, it's thanks to my mother, it's thanks to her education, it's thanks to her values, to sharing and moreover physically I look very much like my mother, I am really copy-pasted. When you see me, you say “oh!” and “your mother is more beautiful”. Since she's my mother, I'm fine. But that's my mother, that's really everything and that's my essence and my energy, that's actually my sun. And since I was little I always had a smile in front of my eyes and it was my mother's. She always taught us to smile at life despite the difficulties, and above all to be optimistic.

Even if it's not going well, let's go back up, it'll do, we'll find solutions, we'll smile and in any case, that's life; life is full of problems but also of happiness.


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