Hello my IKA Babes,

After 4 years of adventure, IKA needs to reinvent itself and be reimagined.

I founded IKA in 2019 with the ambition to celebrate and share joy through colorful and powerful silhouettes.

With over fifteen collections of silk scarves and ready-to-wear, it's time to step back and imagine IKA from a new angle.

IKA is 4 years of intense joys, big and smal. Late nights, suitcases full of fabrics and stuff, tears and laughter, endless drawing and excelsior, frustration and mad hope.
It's a lot of color, research and development, encounters, travel and new friendships. Above all, it's a source of immense pride to see my little bits of colorful fabric on your golden skins.
Thanks to the sublime IKA team for all these shared emotions, and see you soon for more news on IKA 2.0.

And before taking a break, you can now find all our pieces on SUPER discount, a last chance to treat yourself to our older collections, which are unlikely to be restocked.

x Lola