IKA Paris creates bold and colorful pieces, designed and produced to prove that eco-responsibility can rhyme with style.

IKA Paris x Paradigme

Since 2019 IKA Paris has the ambition to offer colorful and sexy eco-responsible collections to wear all year long.

For this reason we decided to extend the life cycle of our collections and strengthen our commitment to a fashion that is always more responsible.

You now have the opportunity to resell your IKA pieces, and to discover new ones.

Sell Buy

How does it work?

1. Get in a few clicks an estimation of your IKA Paris piece by clicking on the " SELL" button

2. If the offer suits you, simply drop off your package at the post office with the prepaid return label received by mail

3. If the article is in conformity with the information provided, you immediately receive a voucher valid on our site or on the site of our partner for second hand by clicking on the button " BUY" of this page.

To buy nothing more simple, Paradigme is the reference in the second hand of quality. Control, selection and refurbishment: find items from over fifty brands.

You can also find on Paradigme second hand IKA Paris parts.

So don't hesitate to click on "BUY".


What are the conditions of recovery?

Our second hand partner Paradigme accepts all IKA Paris ready to wear items: tops, pants, dresses, jackets, coats, sweaters, ... As well as silk squares.

The returned item must be perfectly functional, without holes, rips or any other trace of unusual use. The brand name must be present on the garment. It must be less than 5 years old. The item must be washed and ironed before shipping.

The service is only available in metropolitan France.

In what condition should the items be returned?

The condition of the returned item influences the value of the proposed voucher. Here are the different states accepted by our partner Paradigm:
-New with label
-New without label
-Very good condition
-Good condition

If during the control by Paradigme the article is not in conformity with the information transmitted, the purchase voucher can be revalued or cancelled.

How to sell your used IKA Paris piece?

1. Fill in in two minutes the information about the IKA Paris items you want to resell (category, size, condition, ...)

2. Get an immediate estimate of your voucher on the collection site

3. If the offer suits you, simply drop your parcel at the post office with the prepaid return label

4. If the item is in accordance with the information provided, you will receive a voucher valid on our site for new or second-hand items from our partner Paradigme

5. The returned item will find a new life on Paradigme

What happens to the item once it is sent?

The item is checked, refurbished and shot by our partner Paradigme. It is then resold on their e-shop to find a second life.

How to use the voucher?

Once received, your item is checked by Paradigme. If it corresponds to the information entered on the site, you immediately receive a voucher valid for new items on our site or for second-hand items on Paradigme.
This gift card is valid for 1 year from the validation.
The code is to be entered directly on the payment page.

Can I return a clothing item purchased on Paradigm?

You have a right of withdrawal from Paradigme within fourteen days from the date of receipt or pick-up of the order.

Upon reception of the return, Paradigme will immediately check the returned items and confirm acceptance of the return. Acceptance of the return is equivalent to agreement to reimburse. You will be reimbursed by Paradigme and the cost of return (5.90€) will be deducted directly from the reimbursement.

Need help or more questions?

For any question related to the sale or purchase of a second hand garment IKA Paris you can contact the customer service of our partner Paradigme at